Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My student's work

I am enjoying giving private painting and drawing lessons this fall and I am sooo proud of one of my art students Rachel N. and her very first oil painting!  I love the glow of the grapes and how she utilized the concept of lost edges and focal point!  Can't wait to see her next painting.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Great Book

I have added a great new book to my bulging art book cases.  This one is not for everyone.  Its not a how to book, or a color mixing book, or a color theory book.  It is a book that details different tubes of paint colors and how they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  As an artist of very limited means, I am constantly frustrated by the inconsistencies of pigment colors from one brand to the other.  One brand of yellow ochre, for example, can range from chalky yellow brown to vibrant creamy yellow to orange brown to rust!  This book shows color swatches by color families of several manufacturers side by side.  It will help me in deciding which $30 tube of paint I want to invest in.   Now, don't get me wrong.  Give me a warm and cool blue, red and yellow and white and I can mix any color I need. (unless its neon or metallics). It's a skill that has taken me years to master, but I am at the stage with my painting where I want some time shortcuts, dang it!  And spending hundreds of dollars to play with brands is not an option.
Artist's Color Manual: The Complete Guide to Working With Color

Online Article

Here is a link to an online LDS newspaper that mentions my art.  Click on the link and specify Oct 9, 2012 issue.

It turned out to be a huge art show.  Perhaps over 75 pieces of art in a variety of mediums.  It was so great to see both professional and new artists mingle together and be inspired from each other's work.  I was especially gratified to talk with artists who were timid about showing their works, or who had never before displayed their art and got to see their pieces displayed in a professional manner.  There is such evidence of our divine nature in any work of creation.  I am increasingly aware of how much of ourselves we put into our art, and how each piece needs to be treated with care and value.

On another note,  I guess in my advancing age, I am finally learning to value things that I don't personally agree with, or care for - as a valid artistic statement in itself.  Diversity is a very, very good thing.