Thursday, June 28, 2012

Laguna Beach Heisler Park Finished

Finally getting around to posting the finished piece Laguna Beach Heisler Park.  I really enjoyed using the colors of the 'golden hour' - which is right before sunset.  I used a combination of four photos of this particular vantage point and created my own colors for what I imagined the scene would look like at the golden hour.

Skyler's Art Show

I'm so silly-proud to announce that my son-in-law won the Best of Show award this spring with his fabulous sculpture entitled Unlock Movement.  It was a six foot tall clay, metal wire and wood sculpture that just blew the judges away.  His sculpture teacher told me that the voting was unanimous and no-contest. Here are a couple of his other works that were in the show as well. The long woman is cast aluminum and the close up of one massive wall sculpture is from a piece entitled Female Collision, done in raku fired clay.  It is so maddening that such a talented artist can not make a living with his art.  The challenge is to keep finding a way to create while supporting his family and going to school full time.  In a perfect world this man would be studying in Italy full time, but wouldn't we all??