Thursday, July 2, 2009

Firstborn galaxy and sky

My teachers at IMC shook their heads sadly at me when I told them the sky was done...oops! So, I refined it further now that I have been able to finally put some time into it! The galaxy sky and the observatory dome are done. I assumed that the painting didn't need to be refined to a smooth state as it is intended to be reduced to the size of a paperbag. "We ALWAYS refine the painting even if it is to be reduced. The end painting is what matters." I was told. I have to let it dry so I can go back and glaze in the holograph glows on the far swoops. I reposed Jack in a white shirt so now I can more accurately begin painting Dennison's uniform. I had his arm all wrong, so now I will work on that while the sky dries. It will still be a while before I can finish this though because I will be playing chauffeur for the next two weeks while Jack does a church camp and a pole vaulting camp out of state... on the road again....

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