Friday, May 2, 2008

Tracker Illustration first layer

I tried a different medium this time. On watercolor illustration board I started with a glossy acrylic medium coating over the drawing. I let it dry and lightly sanded it with super fine sandpaper. Then I used Holbein acryla-gouache for the first layer of undercoating. It acted better than acrylics: no blotches of clumpy pigment and no ridges of thick paint to worry about. Since I used the glossy medium underneath, I am able to wipe out most of the pigment when I want to. So, it is giving me the flexibility of watercolors, but more of the permanence of acrylics. I will let it dry for a day and try oils on top for the finished layers. I like the balance of colors and composition so far, but these are still very light colors compared to how I want it to finish up.

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The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Hatch~ I thought you were going to treat the first layer as more of a monochromatic underpainting. Instead, you have applied the local colors of everything. I will be watching this technique closely. Glad you like the acryla gouache. Keep sharing.~Drag